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Harriet Whyatt [Biography]

Me and my broken heart

Original Oil Painting

Harriet Whyatt

Harriet originally studied Film at Falmouth School of Art but has grown up around several Artists. She has done many different jobs including Selling and Collecting Scrap metal. This was at a time when Harriet was bringing up her daughter on her own in Cornwall and a cherished time where she had the privilege to spend much of her time around Romany Gypsies.

This marginal Group has been a great source of inspiration for Harriet's work as she likes to focus on the Romanticism and Pride of the Roma rather than their often harsh reality , often made worse by austere minds and ignorance. "Often we fail to appreciate what we as a society could learn from the Romany communities."

Harriet also focuses on Circus performers "... another group of people who work very hard and who heavily rely on each other for support and trust. These are tight and private groups who live outside of the norm , working to entertain with their physical discipline and glorious costume . What moves me are the relationships behind the scene. Life threatening stunts made to look effortless and conceived out of the loyalty and trust of their partnerships. My paintings focus on the celebration of love, desire, passion, trust, vulnerability and I draw on my own life and my own emotional responses to personal events I have experienced."

Harriet exhibits her work in Bristol and has recently been invited to exhibit at Earl's Court London. She has also exhibited frequently in Tuscany and is currently preparing fo a Solo Show in Florence.

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