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Original Mixed Media


Original Mixed Media


Original Mixed Media


Original Mixed Media

Cormac Mc Ateer


Mc Ateer takes a uniquely imaginative approach to portraiture. An eclectic range of influences from Popular Culture to German Expressionism inform a charged, expressive style. Jaded, awkwardly placed subjects stare out from garish Pop landscapes and give Cormac's work a haunting, plastic quality. Surfaces are worked over with frenetic energy with paintings often ripped up and assembled into new ones. Finding poignancy in the cartoonish, finding spirit in the grotesque, rediscovering naivety within the synthetic, the surfaces of Cormac’s paintings are unusual places, where the contradictory can merge and find a brief, strange harmony. Cormac has previously worked as a commercial illustrator, animator, and Art educator before committing full time to his own practice.

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