Sculpture by Liz Ellis

Liz Ellis [Biography]


Ceramic Sculpture

Liz Ellis

Born in Cheshire, Liz studied science and then Three Dimensional Design (ceramics, wood, metal and plastics) and graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in 1977.

Liz’s Work is exhibited nationally and internationally and held in private collections in UK , Eire, France, Holland and Switzerland.

She set up a design business and continued with her own sculptural projects. In 1987 Liz returned to the sciences and trained as an Osteopath - and then ran her own clinic and became politically active in the osteopathic world.

In 1995, with a greater understanding of anatomy, she resumed her studying of clay life modelling whilst continuing part time as a Registered Osteopath and In 2005 she started teaching part time and private classes in clay life modelling.

After retiring from osteopathy in 2006, Liz began to work full time in her studio at home.

"Clay is one of the most fundamental of all materials. Working with clay we involve all four elements; we refine it from the earth, make it malleable with water, when formed we allow the air slowly to dry it until finally it is given up to fire to be transformed.

The birds are a metaphor for the joy and beauty of the natural world - of which we are a part - but also a reminder of the poignant transience of existence and the imperilled state of the delicate balance that sustains life."

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